Dreher Legal advises clients on all aspects of safety law, from the development of proactive compliance strategies to incident response and corporate governance, including:

  • Workplace safety policies and procedures
  • Development and review of workplace health and safety structures and strategies, including contractor management and incident management systems
  • Legal compliance under primary OH&S and ancillary safety legislation
  • 24/7 Incident response
  • Directors’ and officers’ duties
  • Right of entry
  • Statutory notices (PINs, improvement and prohibition notices)
  • Bullying

Your organisation may be subject to many regulatory workplace safety regimes. The overarching obligations are generally set out in the primary OH&S legislation and are mostly non-prescriptive, meaning you have greater control over how to assess and manage your workplace safety risks. In addition to the primary OH&S legislation, there are other regulatory regimes that may also apply to your business, such as rail safety, electrical safety, dangerous goods and road transport safety, to name a few. Given the number of different duty-holders under the different laws, questions arise as to how these duties interact and co-exist.

Dreher Legal has extensive experience in advising local, national and international companies from a range of industries, under all safety regimes. We provide practical advice to our clients, ensuring that the legal implications of their decisions made under the various legal frameworks are well-understood. Armed with this vital knowledge, our clients can then make sound business decisions, appreciating the positive and negative legal implications of each decision.