A sound understanding – across all levels of your business – of OH&S duties, risk management and incident management is vital in the current business climate. It will assist your business demonstrate legal compliance, prepare you in the event of a serious workplace incident and help you drive safety strategies to effect cultural change.

It is important your employees understandthe interaction between the OH&S duties that are owed by your business, their colleagues and by themselves. It is equally important your employees understand their rights under safety legislation, particularly in the event of a workplace incident. Many individuals are surprised to learn that OHS duties are held concurrently, and, if breached, may amount to a criminal offence. By arming your workforce with a broad understanding of how safety law applies to your work environment, you can influence and assist good decision-making at all levels of your organisation.

Dreher Legal has developed a training program to accommodate the costs constraints faced by businesses and the time pressures faced by individuals within them.

The sessions are practical and interactive – designed to generate genuine discussion on issues most relevant to the participants’ roles and responsibilities within their corporate structure. While the general principles of OH&S law are addressed, our experience allows a flexible training approach to each individual session. This enables site specific and role specific issues to be explored and the focus can beshifted according to the collective and individual capability of the audience. This encourages participants to apply the legal principles to their current organisational systems and processes, in so doing improving both individual and organisational knowledge.

Of course, we can also develop a training session tailored to the specific needs of your business or to a discreet area of safety law.

Course Title Duration Description Suited for
Briefing on Occupational Health and Safety Law 30-45 minutes An introductory session designed to provide a broad understanding of the key legal issues faced by businesses under OH&S legislation. Board members & Senior executives
Directors’ and Officers’ Duties: What you need to know. 30-45 minutes This session provides greater detail on the specific duties owed by directors and officers under OH&S law. It discusses who may be deemed to be an ‘officer’ under OH&S law, the regulator’s approach to executive and non-executive directors and various strategies on how to demonstrate compliance. Board members & Senior executives
OH&S Law: Understanding Your Company’s and Your Personal Obligations 1.5 hours The aim of this session is to provide managers and employees with an understanding of the general principles of OH&S law, and how it applies to them, their colleagues and their organisation. It will discuss the key duties and duty holders, how the regulator attributes levels of accountability, and key areas of legal exposure. Managers and employees
Workplace Incidents: How Do YouRespond? 2 hours A two-hour session aimed at preparing participants in the event of a serious workplace incident. It will identify when and how legal exposure is at its greatest, who is most at risk, and discuss tips and traps of incident response, including how to deal with the regulator and how to draft post-incident documents. All
Choose Your Own Adventure Various We can tailor training on all aspects of safety law including:

  • Contractor management
  • Responding to improvement, prohibition and provisional improvement notices
  • Bullying
  • Compliance with other safety legislation